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Music Production Courses for Each and Everyone

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Music Production Courses for Each and Everyone

Music Production is the art of expressing your musical ideas and compositions in a structured and appealing way so that it connects with the audience.

Learning Music Production has its own benefits. However not being able to showcase your talent or reach the audience with your abilities is as good as not learning music Production online at all!

Every artist dreams of building a huge audience base. This might sound like a very complicated thing to do but can be achieved with the right steps towards the goal. The question that arises is what are the right steps? To one’s surprise there are actually no right steps but only one step, that is, to take the first step. The first step toward Music Production. The first step towards learning a music production course from a place that makes you independent, self-sufficient, and self-reliant.

Music Production course is the process by which music is created, captured, manipulated, and preserved so that it can be distributed and enjoyed. 

For your music to be showcased you would have to go through the staircase your way but by learning Music Production you become your own staircase towards your goal. 

We at Creator School not only teach Online Music Production but also teach you how to become a Creator. A self-dependent content creator that can help you change your life forever. 

Creator School has beautifully designed its online Music Production course in a way where each one has space to fit in. A quick learner, a slow learner, a beginner, or an expert, we have something for everyone. 

We have courses designed in 3 levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. 


A brief of all the three courses: 


1. The Beginners Course- 


Beginners course as the name suggests is a beginner-friendly course that welcomes you and introduces you to the world of Music Production. Anyone who has zero to very less knowledge about music can enroll in this course. We help you start from scratch and build a Hardrock skill.

In the Beginners course, we introduce you to the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and move towards pitches, beats, time signature, chord progression, and much more. 

We help you learn the techniques and elements of vocal recordings and then add them to DAW. 

The best part is that you need no instruments or any extra equipment as this is going to be a virtual class and the only things you need are: a laptop and headphones.

By the end of the Beginners course, you will have all the skillset to create any song from scratch plus you will also have a complete song made by yourself during the course!

– The Intermediate Course: 

This course will take you on a deeper dive into understanding the technicalities of Music Programming and Audio Engineering. This music production course is for Music enthusiasts who have either completed the beginner course with Creator School or have a basic understanding of Music.

By the end of this online music production course, you will have – a self-produced, mixed, and mastered song from scratch.


2. The Advanced Course-


This course is meant for those who wish to get into Music Production as a professional.

It dives deeper into advanced concepts of audio engineering, mixing, and professional arrangement of Music. We’ll also cover advanced concepts of Music composition.

By the end of this course, you will have a self-produced, mixed, and mastered song from scratch with a subscription to DAW for one year. 

We at Creator School have designed our online music production course keeping in mind the needs of each and every one. We welcome everyone who is 7 years and above to come to learn and flourish with us! We make Creators not only Producers.

Join us and book your trials to enjoy this life-changing journey with us at Creator School.


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