Simplify the Music Production Process with These 10 Simple Steps
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Simplify the Music Production Process with These 10 Simple Steps

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Simplify the Music Production Process with These 10 Simple Steps

For someone who is passionate about music, making songs is as good as nurturing your own baby, your song! It all starts with just an idea in your mind but the most difficult part is the execution where we tend to get stuck. In that case, we either take help from a professional or try to make some efforts on our own by looking on YouTube and various online platforms. But there is a plethora of content available online so again you’re bound to get confused about where exactly to start!

As gigantic of a deal as it sounds, let’s try to understand it in the easiest way possible with just 10 steps involved: 

  1. Select the Song You Want to Create

It could either be an original song making or a cover of an existing song but choose the song as per your strength areas so that you don’t end up wasting a lot of time figuring out complex things. Think of what your heart holds and go ahead. Appropriate song selection plays an important role and is the first step toward Music Production Online.

  1. Understanding the core: The music theory 

Get into the depth of the song you have selected by listening very carefully in order to differentiate between the high pitch and low pitch.

  1. Composing a melody: Your Music Production Foundation 

Understanding the beats, time signature, and chord progression. Syncing your mind with music while playing the beats in order to understand the difference between each.

  1. Exploration and Recording of Instruments on Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) 

Exploring, Understanding, and Recording the instruments on DAW to create music of your choice is the catch that will showcase your unique style.

  1. Adding in the Rhythm through Drums

You need to understand the elements of drums and their importance in adding rhythm to the song. Listening, recording, and composing your own drum loop to give your special touch.

  1. Make your song sound like a Grand One! 

You can add in multiple elements varying from ambiance to bass to pads and fillers to make your song stand out from the other empty ones. 

  1. Recording the Vocals 

Record your vocal track and add it to the software. Sing with music and record your own sound.

  1. Mixing your track 

Understanding the frequencies, comparing it with and without fx, and mixing and balancing your track is the step that will enhance your song to its best capability.

  1. Finalizing your song 

Check in all the elements, set the right volume, and finalize a clean and noise-free track. 

  1. Release Ready! 

Woah! You have a release-ready song!

Once you get into the habit of following these steps repeatedly, you’ll develop your own creativity with every new song you create and the audience will start connecting with you and your journey of music! Remember there is no replacement for practice and good mentorship in a performing art like Music! So keep creating and keep practicing!

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